Cider Mill

Looking into a bin of apples. Some of the first apples picked head to the cider press.

Cider apples get sorted and washed before the trip to the grinder.

Dave rechecking the cider apples.

Glenn using our old vertical press. The ground apples (pomace) are spread out onto cider clothes which are folded around the pomace. Wooden racks are placed between each layer.

Layers upon layers of apple mash, cider cloths and racks all make a "cheese". The whole stack slides under the hyraulic press which squeezes the stack. Fresh cider flows through the cloths to be caught in a pan under the press.

Our new horizontal "accordian" press. Bags made of cider cloth hang between plastic racks and are filled with mash from the pipe above. The hydraulics squeeze the layers together horizontally.

Fresh cider flows through tubes lit with ultra-violet light (to kill harmful bacteria) before heading to the tank. It is then jugged by hand!

Fresh Hicks Orchard Apple Cider! A true North Country favorite.