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January 31st at the orchard

This January, celebrate the miracle of the humble apple with our Apple-a-Day Challenge.


Celebrate the miracle of your own body too. If one of your New Year's Resolutions, or intentions (a softer form of resolution) includes eating better and moving more, please consider joining our Apple-a-day challenge. 

Every day during the 31-day challenge we'll be dropping a short 5 minute (or so) video on our Facebook page related to health and fitness. Every day we ask you to consider eating an apple, too. Treat it like a prayer. A moment to contemplate the miracle of your body and the miracle of the earth and its bounty. Consider the summer's sun that is captured by the fruit that you're holding in your hand. Let it warm and nourish you in this cold of winter. Healthful, grown locally, picked by hand, unprocessed with no other ingredients but apple. 


Register for the challenge and get 10% off your apples from Dec. 26 to January 31. Just show us your confirmation email at checkout.

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