While it's still a bit early for the American Redstart, I wanted to share this little painting I did from my birding last spring. I am hopeful that you'll be able to spot them this spring at the orchard!

This year, we're opening the orchard and additional acreage to our birdwatching friends.

Just this afternoon I walked a short 2 1/2 mile circuit and logged 19 species. While it's still early, I think this could become a serious birding hotspot. The habitat varies from scrub brush (should be great in warbler season), upland new growth forest, hilltop fields, numerous ponds, a small stream, and of course the orchard.

For you e-birders,
you can see my checklist and the route I took:


For my more casual birder friends,
here's today's list of 19 species:

1 Mourning dove

2 Red-tailed hawk

1 Downy woodpecker

2 Hairy woodpecker

1 Pileated woodpecker

1 Northern Flicker

1 Blue Jay

7 American crow

6 Black-capped chickadee

2 white-breasted nuthatch

8 European starling

8 Eastern bluebird

10 American robin

1 House sparrow

2 House finch

5 American tree sparrow

12 Red-winged blackbird

1 Common grackle

1 Northern cardinal

With the wide range of habitat, the orchard will surely be a hotspot for your adventures. Stay tuned as the list above grows. I'll be updating the list in the months to come. Once the ponds thaw, some great waterfowl and plovers are likely, and even now, in the upper fields there are surely some woodcock to be seen doing their spring mating flight displays.

We hope our friends of the orchard will take full advantage of this amazing resource!


We have plans for a special birding event to be announced soon for the global big day, and for a Mothers day full of fun and education for the whole family. We are partnering with the Grasslands Bird Trust to make this a very special event!

-Tim Achor-Hoch, friend of the orchard


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