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Keep your apples crisp and full of flavor at home

Remember when you picked that Ginger Gold apple early this fall, and bit into it? Nothing fresher or full of flavor like that can be matched. Or can it?

Even thought last fall seems a distant memory, our apples are still fresh and kept at their most flavorful. Some varieties—like the Gold Rush—mellow with storage into a rich, complex flavor, and stay crisp all winter.

Here at the orchard we have a special cold storage system to keep our apples in their best condition for you. The optimum temperature is from 31 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. With the right conditions, apples can be stored for up to 12 months!

Perhaps the best way to keep your apples at home is to use an ordinary picnic cooler placed in your mud room or garage. With our New York winter temperatures fluctuating wildly, the cooler will prevent the danger of extreme variance in in the storage temperature. If you have a simple thermometer you can spare to place in the cooler, you can quickly monitor the apple temperature. By using a cooler, you can buy enough apples for you holiday baking with confidence that they will last well into the new year.

What are the best apples for winter storage? Our favorite winter apples not only store well, but they develop a richer flavor with age, as long as they are kept well: Ida Red (left), Pink Luster (center), and Gold Rush (right).

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