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We're excited for our 2021 apple season! We will have a great selection of pre-picked apples for sale in the store!

New! Ida Red 

Ida Red is medium to large, good for snacking, and excellent for all types of cooking and baking. It’s a firm apple, which allows the texture to hold up well when baking pies or making applesauce.

New! Pink Luster 

If you like honey crisp apples, then you must try the Pink Luster. Texture is like honey crisp, but with the best favors of a gala apple in the mix. They have beautiful color, a medium to large size, and a wonderful mild tart flavor

New! Gold Rush 

Gold Rush has a great flavor and stays crisp all winter! Developed by Purdue University and introduced into the US in 1993, this medium-sized apple is tart, and mellows with storage into a rich, complex flavor. It is good eaten fresh, for juice, and for baking. It’s flesh is firm, crisp and juicy.

Red Delicious 

has a sweet and mild flavor, with a hint of melon. The flesh is juicy and crisp. It's a great addition to salads, burgers and sandwiches.


are vivid red brushed with bright green, depending on the season. The first apples will have more green and later they will be almost all red. The McIntosh is a classic baking apple for pies and tarts. 


is a a cross between a McIntosh apple and a Ben Davis apple.  It's bright red, with a crisp white flesh that is incredibly juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. A great apple for salads and baking.


This premium apple has creamy white flesh and is exceptionally crisp and aromatic. A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor.

Ruby McIntosh

A smaller, juicy, crisp apple, closely related to the McIntosh, but with a dark ruby skin. Nice tartness with a hint of raspberry, and a little spice.

Northern Spy

has juicy flesh, crisp and sweet with a high vitamin C content. It's tarter than most apples, and its flesh is harder and crunchier than most. It's a premium applesauce apple.


This sturdy apple doesn’t bruise easily. It gets its name from the Empire state, specifically Cornell University where it was introduced in 1966. The parents of the Empire are the Red Delicious and the McIntosh, which is where it gets it beautiful red color. It’s white flesh has a sweet, crisp, crunchy taste. 


Liberty apples are sweet like a McIntosh, but have more tartness. These are one of our favoite cider-making apples! Yellow and red in color, it has a crisp white flesh, and a sweet-tart taste. Best for cider, eating, applesauce, baked, or canned. Proper storage improves the flavor!


Gala is a favorite eating apple, and a great addition to salads. It's tart and sweet with a great crunch. If you like a grilled cheese sandwich, this is a great apple to add—slice it thin and slip it in with your favorite cheese!